Saturday, November 21, 2009

I give A Comicbook Orange 4 out of 5 oranges

It was a while before I could really appreciate A Comicbook Orange , a quirky web series produced by and starring wonderfully geeky Casey McKinnon, who reviews comic books, interviews comic book creators, and performs amusing parody skits.
Although, from the beginning, a good—often very good—show, Comicbook Orange was an excellent concept that fell short of excellence in execution.
But eventually I realized that it was/is a work in progress... a dynamic & fluid experimentation.
With the inception of its third season, Comicbook Orange finally found itself, and became awesome, adding a fantastic new intro/theme song, improved composition, a stable structure and more refined skits.
Most of the comics she reviews and people she interviews I don’t care about, but Casey McKinnon’s personality, presentation and production values are impeccable. Both her reviews and interviews are generally informative , concise, well directed. Casey has figured out how a comic book review/interview show should be done, infusing it with a flare of authentically endearing geek charm, humor and insight.
Since episode one, her cleverly imaginative and amusing skits mimicking scenes & tropes from sci-fi/action TV, movies & comics , for me, have always been the highlight of each episode.
This recent 4th season episode, in which Casey wrote and performed a brilliantly epic Dr. Horrible musical homage (commemorating the release of a Dr. Horrible one shot comic this ep featured), revealed to me that her eccentric show had achieved greatness, deserving a place on this blog.

Through the trial and error of experience, combined with her initiative and ingenuity, host Casey has developed a truly extraordinary web series.
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  1. (I tried to post this yesterday, but it wasn't working on my iPhone so I copied and pasted it into an email to myself to comment later. Now is later... ;))

    Wow! I love you right now :) Thanks so much for your thoughtful blog post. I work as hard as I can to make the show and all I want to do is entertain people. I know those first two seasons were so-so, but I learned so much from them... They really taught me how to make a better show. Thanks again, nice comments and kind words are the only payment I get for this... and it makes it all worthwhile. Xoxox