Saturday, October 31, 2009

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman

I’ve mentioned Peter’s Web here already, but it is an epic achievement that warrants further attention.

Roger King is a filmmaker to be reconed with; he's made something really special, that the big Hollywood studio Spiderman movie failed to do.
Peter’s Web is a sublime example of what happens when someone who genuinely understands and loves the source material is in full creative control. This is why every sci-fi/fantasy film project should have a "geek consultant" with cart blanch on staff: authenticity and reverence of continuity.
His passion and comprehension for the characters and the comics imbues Peter’s Web with a 'magical' charm. To classify this as fan film instead of simply a 'film' may be doing an injustice and a misleading distraction, because-- like fan fiction-- the term tends to imply connotations of poor quality which are not necessarily valid.
Through Bag and Board Productions, multi-talented powerhouse Roger King is enacting six principal and definitive chapters in the development of Spiderman.
Each segment improves and expands on the previous, and each stands strongly by itself, but also cumulatively comprise a larger sequence.
These are the grand stories that made me a Spiderman fan-— from back when Marvel made comics I care about.
I have fond remembrance for these stories, and Roger well honors that memory.
Narratively & in special effects, he resourcefully manages to encapsulate & synthesize a lot of information into episodic short film, depicting all the fundamental elements from the comic books, without losing vital aspects.
Although, there is enough material to draw from, that Roger could have included more... and part of me wishes he did elaborate, but these movies don’t exactly suffer from the summation. Much of the acting is still clunky & "unprofessional", but the characterizations are true enough that weak acting doesn't ruin the movie.
Combined with its inherent charm, the brilliant costuming and creative application of special FX are the greatest features to Peter’s Web .

-my other review for Peter's Web

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