Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wall Crawling Web Slinger

Spiderman is one of my favorite heroes, and one of the few Marvel characters I like.
*image credit- Jeff Hayes/ Roger King*
Peter’s Web is a 6 part live action Spider-Man short fan film series, written and directed by Roger King (of Bag & Board Productions)—who also stars as Peter Parker/ Spiderman.
Much of the acting is flat or over-the-top, but King’s genuine embodiment of Peter/Spiderman is amazing, while he provides solid directing.
Spectacular writing and authentic re-enactment of the comic book source material make up for its shortcomings, and make this production impressive.
Indeed, this project’s greatest achievement and accolade is how charmingly faithful this representation of the comics is in capturing the fundamental essence of Spiderman/ Peter Parker so magnificently-- and so much better than the big studio Tobey Maguire movies.
The endearing heart & soul of Spiderman is fully present & intact in Peter’s Web.
Some of the special effects are low-budget-cheesy, but the Spidey suit looks great and believable. The creative depiction of web-shooting and building swinging are well done.
Sure, this is "just" a retelling of the Spiderman origin story we all already know... but it's the skillful & interesting telling of the story that signifies this rendition.
What makes this project even more remarkable, is that this is Roger’s first film effort--- demonstrating the guy has talent.
Peter's Web is a lot of fun for Spidey fans.
Believe, True Believers!

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