Saturday, October 17, 2009

Alternate Dementia: DC Elseworlds

CHRISTOPHER CLARK COWAN AND LEX RANDLEMAN (of Triplec Films) have planned a fantastic series of six 2-10 minute original story webisodes, called DC Elseworlds , portraying several “second string” superheroes from the DC Comics universe.
A schism has formed in their ranks concerning crime fighting methodology, in a difference of opinion about the interpretation of right and wrong. The definition of—and line between-- hero and villain can sometimes shift & become blurred... uncertain... debatable. It’s a valid question, and a realistic issue, that I wish the comic books address more often.
Because this is an alternate reality, discrepancies in characterization and appearance are justifiable.
*image credit- Triplec Films *

DC Elseworlds is an intriguing, thoughtful and finely crafted adventure mystery, leaving me interested to see what happens next. This is a tale representing DC comics at its best.

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