Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ranting Nonsequitur: Quality over quantity

Recently on Twitter (and probably off line, as well), film maker Jessica Stover (aka- @Jsto) has urged several times the necessity of promoting quality over quantity regarding internet video.
And as she often is about such matters, Jess is totally right.
There are many among the web video/ mew media community who promote and praise virtually anything just for being a web video or new media project.
As if that was a good enough reason, or measure of success.
As if the creation of yet another awful, feeble and irrelevant online series or movie is a credit to or validation of web video or the new media genre.
Be advised, it definitely is not.
Even prominent web creators are guilty of this foolishness, indirectly contributing to the degradation of new media.
Some of them are also directly responsible for making lame videos.
They’re being way too self congratulatory, to themselves and to the web series community.
Indeed, what that actually accomplishes is tarnishing and undermining web video.
90% of these projects are lame and so undeserving of attention, support or encouragement.
Let us not forget that popular is not equivalent to or synonymous with good.

Just as being in a band in and of itself doesn’t make you cool— regardless of your music, simply being in the web video community doesn’t make you cool either.
Just because you like to sing... doesn’t mean you can sing well.
And it certainly doesn't mean you should narcissistically inflict it on the world.
We must not endorse mediocrity.
We must, instead, raise the bar & elevate the standard of excellence to celebrate only the exceptional & remarkable--- which is what this blog does.
We need to be more critical in our evaluations. Excellent concept and excellent execution of concept are two completely different things. It may be good... but good is not great, and calling good great does not make it so.
We need to demand that web series creators edit (and be honest with) themselves, and not merely settle for being vanity film makers (like vanity publishers).
Otherwise, we get crap. And no one wants that.
You new media people may be trailblazing web video, but that ultimately & fundamentally doesn’t mean anything if it’s not actually awesome.
Web video creators have a responsibility to set an example.
You’ll need to produce content at the vanguard.

No Wimps!

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