Monday, March 11, 2013

Let This Be A Lesson To You

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Sometimes, you can’t see a thing until you see it.

I have a very particular image of what Wonder Woman would/ should look like in real life. Something resembling the Alex Ross conception.
Only a very few women have the appearance and physical presence to pull off that look. Adrianne Palicki is not appropriate for Wonder Woman. Erica Durance has the physical presence, but not the right appearance.

When I heard about Nina Bergman portraying Wonder Woman in a fan trailer, I scoured pictures of her from various angles and poses, with skeptical interest. I just didn’t see it. She did not look anything like how I envisioned the character.

Katie Holmes, Cindy Sampson, Jaimie Alexander, Olivia Wilde, Evangeline Lilly, Tabrett Bethel, even Cobie Smulders
I could picture as admirably depicting Wonder Woman. But Nina Bergman? Really? I didn’t see it in her.
Until I saw her in that amazing trailer, as the character.
Holy WOW! Stunningly fantastic. How did I miss that? Why didn’t I see it before?
Nina Bergman is actually a wonderful Wonder Woman.

Gene Roddenberry is said to have been adamantly opposed to Patrick Stewart as Captain Picard.
Until—after much persuasion, Gene surrendered-- he then saw Patrick embody that character so magnificently. After a few episodes, Gene was convinced of his error.
He couldn’t see it... until he saw it.

See the awesome Wonder Woman fan trailer below...

Often times, I’ll witness a performance by an actor in a scene that so impresses me-- is so brilliant and emotionally invigorating-- that I feel a profound sense of awe, and reverence. I cherish those moments, and seek them out, embrace them, soak in them, bask in them. I sincerely feel privileged and grateful to see them do that. Fortunate to experience that powerful moment vicariously.

This is one of those times.

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