Friday, March 15, 2013

Kickstart Veronica Mars

Warner Bros agreed to support a Veronica Mars movie— but only after having had sufficient support (and financing) demonstrated through a 2.5 million dollar fan donation with a Kickstarter campaign.

Funding the production of a Veronica Mars movie with Kickstarter both excites and disappoints me.

I’m thrilled about the possibilities this precedent opens up for getting canceled TV shows revived (either as a movie or series continuation). Not to mention new original material. I’m intrigued and hopeful about the alternative and feasible model this presents for such projects. Here, the audience isn't waiting to be dictated to (or coerced) by Hollywood what movies that audience wants to see (and doesn't have to). This time, Hollywood isn't forcing a movie on the audience-- no, they are giving that audience a movie they actually want made.

This also demonstrates the ineptitude and irrelevance of the Hollywood model.

A substantial point that the Artemis Eternal film project has been making (and countering) poignantly and passionately for years—without the recognition (and funding) it deserves. AE was advocating and utilizing a crowd-funding model before kickstarter was even a thing. And totally minus reliance on (or obedience to) any Hollywood involvement or permission.

What bothers me is how incompetent and ineffectual Hollywood really is; that they didn’t know there was massive interest in this “property”. Imagine all the other properties languishing in the void of their gross impotence and apathy.

What bothers me even more, is that Mars gets this magnitude of support, while Artemis Eternal continues to wait, wondering.
What bothers me even more than that... is that all this effort is being expended on Veronica Mars, instead of shows like Millennium, or Firefly, or Andromeda, or Babylon 5, or Journey Man.

To be clear, I liked Veronica Mars. It was a good show. But there are SO many other TV shows more worthy of this kind of massive fan effort.

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