Saturday, February 25, 2012

So You See...

They Grow Upon The Eyes : a compelling sci-fi thriller by Pete Worrall. Excusing the abundant typos and a few narrative/ structural errors (that would have been avoided if only Pete hired me), this debut novel presents a well written story and great authorly potential. The story is not ruined or invalidated by its many careless errors-- a credit to how solid the story is; which defies, and more than makes up for, those mistakes. Usually, such plentiful blemishing is indicative of a poorly crafted tale due to a lack of talent and aegis. But like my book But The Owl Knows—also regrettably tainted by several careless typos, these inconsequential marrings are not born from incompetence, but an eager passion to bring the book to fruition.

Story telling is an art form, though often unsung and under-rated; and blogging can be deployed as a kind of story telling. On Wil Wheaton’s blog , readers are gifted with amusing, insightful and brilliantly composed anecdotes, observations and social commentaries from his experiences as a writer, actor, father, husband, geek and decent human keen to remind us (in word and deed): Don’t be a dick!”.
Eric Freitas designs interesting steam punkish clocks

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