Saturday, October 1, 2011

Open Letter To DC Comics:

How you made me stop reading (and buying) your titles after 20 years of fealty:
1. gross negligence and incompetence of Dan Diddio corrupting the quality and credibility of the DC legacy

2. disgusting misogyny and shamelessly shameful over-sexualized objectification of women… offensive to females AND good taste.

3. egregious age-ism: characters age 35 and older have been either regressed to 20 something or discarded in the reboot

4. oh, yeah— that ridiculous reboot—I mean relaunch … which was totally unnecessary for the sake of revitalizing the characters, since that could easily have been done without regression

5. squandered opportunity for innovation and revolutionizing their characters and the way superhero comics are done, as well as how the comics industry operates

6. failure to appeal (and make amends) to more female readers. You say the relaunch is intended to interest new readers, but you still cater the same 18-35 male demographic you already had. Your core titles should be accessible to ALL readers.

7. stale, formulaic and lamely constructed stories; mundane storytelling methods-- issue #1 of some titles were so dull and badly written that I actually threw them away

8. criminal disregard for character and story integrity-- with one issue, Justice League International goes from awesome to awful— like DC suddenly forgot how to write good stories

9. Flashpoint and Darkest Night and Alt-reality reimagining of Wonder Woman and War of the Supermen

10. Succeeding in making me not care about Batman— my favorite superhero. The bulk of my comic selection was Batman family titles.

11. Reboot has proven to be a cheap stunt-- a gimmick of no substance, relevance or merit

12. Letters pages have become nothing more than self promotion and congratulatory narcissism, whereas they used to facilitate discussion and exploration.

13. Quality of stories have not provided sufficient “return on investment”

and BONUS: as Jessica Stover reminded me: DC Comics is owned by Time Warner and AOL certainly has been a part of promoting for profit on a large scale what the writer detests.

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