Sunday, June 26, 2011

One Door Closes: these are the last words

I’m calling a posteriori my last book. Not just my last short story anthology or chap book, but also philosophical and media commentary and poetry.
The final book of any kind with material principally written by me.
Each of my writing projects has been an attempt at innovation; an exploration and experimentation in the form and structure of storytelling—narrative and expository. Not merely what I have never done before, but also what I’ve never seen anyone else do. Such as the summary compilations of interview content from Henriksen, Cook and Stover (which turned out rather brilliantly).
I’ve been writing for almost 20 years; non-fiction and fiction.
I’ve reached a point where it seems like a good time to stop writing. Move on to other creative endeavors, as yet to be determined or discovered. I’ve already dabbled in photography. I am now awaiting inspiration for whatever is next.
I still enjoy writing, and I haven’t gotten bored or disillusioned with the craft… but I hope to be inspired to experiment with new artistic ventures and venues.
However, I’d be willing and eager to contribute to someone else’s collection of short stories or articles, if I was invited to participate in the right project (at the right time).
Publishing and consulting on writing projects for someone who isn’t me is something I’d love to be involved in; like I did with But The Owl Knows: help bring out stories from other indie authors.

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