Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tell Me About Yourself

I am not fond of that interrogative statement. How could you ever answer it succinctly, yet sufficiently? This is a big reason why I hate job interviews.
"What is your book about?" is a derivative of that inquery.
I suck at promoting.
I especially suck at SELF promotion.
Seems wrong to me; rude and arrogant and indecent and crass.
The reason for that can be summarized thusly: I really do not like talking about myself.
Actually, as a slightly autistic introvert, I generally don’t much like talking.
Could be that is why I write so much, instead.
And talking about things I’ve done just feels like bragging, or “look at me” nonsense.
Which is totally not me, and, therefore, makes me very uncomfortable.
Even if I don’t mean to brag, and even if it doesn’t sound like bragging to whoever I’m talking to—it FEELS too much like bragging.
Even if the self-promotion is merely statement of fact.
So I don’t promote my own writing, my books.
I’d rather let my work speak for itself, or let someone speak on my behalf, instead of trying to talk my way through an explanation or description of my writing. The words, the process, the style, the inspiration and meaning of it all… don’t ask me about that stuff.
I suck at self promotion so much, that I believe I am quite likely to do the opposite of promotion in the process… indeed, talk myself out of a “sale”. Maybe it seems ironic, or paradoxical, but my literature stands a better chance, I think, if I don’t do the talking.
Also, I am not a fan of spoilers. I don’t want to ruin the story for you—either by clumsily trying to summarize, or by revealing anything. It is better if you go in fresh, open minded, untainted by any preconceived notions or expectations for what the book is “supposed to be”.
So I'd rather my books be judged on the merits of their awesomeness, not my feeble social skills. I prefer you to find out for yourself… by reading the book.
When was the last time you went into a story not knowing anything about it? Could this be your first?
If you really want to know about my books or writing style, I recommend and ask, please… read them.
And then we have something to talk about.
I will, however, say only this much about my short stories:
Most of them revolve around, or happen in the universe of, a geeky and slightly autistic lady named Cassie O’Brien. She is a dreamwalker, Artemis Eternal Wingman, student of The Prometheus Institute for exceptional minds, and agent in a secret society called Arcanum (which observes and records the accumulated knowledge and true history of humanity).

Sunday, June 26, 2011

One Door Closes: these are the last words

I’m calling a posteriori my last book. Not just my last short story anthology or chap book, but also philosophical and media commentary and poetry.
The final book of any kind with material principally written by me.
Each of my writing projects has been an attempt at innovation; an exploration and experimentation in the form and structure of storytelling—narrative and expository. Not merely what I have never done before, but also what I’ve never seen anyone else do. Such as the summary compilations of interview content from Henriksen, Cook and Stover (which turned out rather brilliantly).
I’ve been writing for almost 20 years; non-fiction and fiction.
I’ve reached a point where it seems like a good time to stop writing. Move on to other creative endeavors, as yet to be determined or discovered. I’ve already dabbled in photography. I am now awaiting inspiration for whatever is next.
I still enjoy writing, and I haven’t gotten bored or disillusioned with the craft… but I hope to be inspired to experiment with new artistic ventures and venues.
However, I’d be willing and eager to contribute to someone else’s collection of short stories or articles, if I was invited to participate in the right project (at the right time).
Publishing and consulting on writing projects for someone who isn’t me is something I’d love to be involved in; like I did with But The Owl Knows: help bring out stories from other indie authors.