Sunday, January 31, 2010

Postcards From The Future

Postcards From The Future , a glorious film produced by Alan Chan & Linda Capetillo-Cunliffe (of Mahalo Bay Films), should be mandatory in every high school science class around the world.
And shown to every congressman & voter skeptical or hesitant about the value of supporting space exploration.
Seen through the eyes of an engineer working to build a base on the moon, and who occasionally sends video postcards back to his wife on Earth, Postcards From The Future is a powerfully inspirational & moving pseudo-documentary that explores –and endorses—a viable future in space for humanity.
I am not ashamed to admit… I got a little something in both eyes.
A compelling human adventure, full of encouraging --& courageous-- optimism, hope and joy, PFTF is one of the best propaganda/recruitment videos NASA (or any such agency) could hope for.
I highly recommend you watch this remarkable motion picture, illustrating the potential of our tentative first steps in building a bridge to the future.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Kitty Is A Very BAD Mystic

I totally adore this, from klaatu 42’s Talking Animals Channel!
Using voice-over to put words in animals’ mouths for creating a narrative seems such an obvious choice for storytelling, I’m surprised we don’t see more of it.
Especially considering the general popularity of lol cats and animal vids on youtube.
This brilliantly charming & cleverly funny video tells the momentary story of a talking so-called mystic cat who fails to summon a dead mouse upon request.
Kitty is a very BAD Mystic = Pure genius in idea and execution.
I want to see more such videos of this caliber.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fantastic World of INK

From Double Edge Films comes the innovative & imaginative high-concept sci-fi thriller indie film extravaganza... I N K
Written and directed by Jamin Winans, Ink is a poignant story about the power of storytelling and dreams to define and direct us.
Plus, interestingly illustrates implications of narrative causality.
Interweaving conscious and unconscious realms, Ink takes us through a labrynthine struggle between agents of good dreams and agents of bad dreams—- as a creature called Ink steals the spirit of a special 8 year old girl. An excellent cast brings to life a wonderful script with the nuance and depth of fully realized characters. Visually & conceptually spectacular.

The more I thought about Ink, the more I liked it. The more I liked it, the more I felt compelled to buy the DVD. Not just to add to my collection of awesome stories, and to watch again (and again)... but also to thank the creators.

Ink works equally well on at least three levels of interpretation:
*non-corporeal entities who only appear human, as processed by human brain/ conceptions.
*non-corporeal human spirit agents.

The “surprise” plot twist ending is predictable, if you are paying attention—- but in the good way, in that it is a logical extension of the narrative sequence.

buy Ink DVD
Also available on Netflix and iTunes.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Exposition of Ally Jade

Photography is the essential passion for Ally (Alexandra) Jade, the creative outlet that keeps her sane. So I'm glad Ally is able to take her pictures, for her sake and mine/ the world's.
She can really do incredible things with her camera!
As you can see along her photo stream , Ally is a beautiful girl, but that’s not why I’m smitten with her gorgeous pictures.
Indeed, many of her best pics don’t even show her face.
I’ve included a few of my favorites here. I simply adore her aesthetic style, her artistic vision.
2009, she engaged in a bold 52 week self-portrait project (taking one artful self image each week), intended as a creative means of exposing & expanding herself—emotionally, physically and as a photographer. Amazing, not just in the commitment of 52 consecutive weeks, or the quality of images... but also (perhaps mostly) in its soul bearing spirit of adventure. Not only in the images themselves, but in their description text, as well.
Which is made an even more impressive endeavor, considering Ally is admittedly shy and introverted. I admire her courage, her imagination, and her skill.
Displaying a proficiency & insight seemingly beyond her 18 years of age.
Conceptually, she takes the kind of pictures I do... but more technically adept than I am.
Learn more about Ally & her stunning photo work in this interview, on page 10:

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Battlestar Galactica fan film: Lucifer

Dude. Wow.
This Battlestar Galactica short fan film made by Josh Ingle is extraordinary!
Although apocryphal, BSG: LUCIFER is quite well crafted, and presents a fascinating scenario while posing interesting questions of what might—and could-- have been in the Ron Moore BSG mythos. A very powerful & poignant Neo meets The Architect vibe from The Matrix movies.